Cops Catch

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  • 2 players - 9900 Ft
  • 3-4-5 players - 13.500 Ft / 6 players - 15.500 Ft
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After a long night in Budapest you find yourself at a police station charged with vandalism.

Luckily you pick up a conversation between two officers and learn that every policeman will be out celebrating the retirement of the chief and you will be left unguarded!

Now is your chance to escape from the cell! Get your passport back and leave the station before the officers come back!

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You have 60 minutes to outsmart the police superintendent, being the next runaways from a cell. At the police station you have to investigate and solve the riddles according to the theme and the story. The group effort and high spirits comes in handy to solve the mystery as well. The game can be played from 2 to 6 peoples at once. The game does not involve frightening elements nor adult contents so it is a also perfect choice for families with children. However the game is recommended from the age of 14, if it is not a mixed age group, but anyone can take part actively who is able to read. The game is available both in Hungarian and English.

What makes us different?
We had been working hard to build up Budapest’s newest escape rooms. In the heart of Budapest – where the environment is well-equipped – you can spend an hour full of adventures and leave the rest of the world outeside.
Our team made of young people had a dream two years ago and ever since then continously have been working to make everyone from all age groups a great time full of challenges and success.
Our mission is that in our gamerooms design by interior designers, each riddle is pleasant and solvent, that each escapee will leave with a great memory and the intension of visiting again.
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