Who are we?

If you are all about adventure, looking for challanges and riddles, or just looking for fun and have a good time with your friends, family, co-workers, then you are in the right place!

We have worked endlessly to create a place in the heart of the city where everyone can spend a few hours full of advendture in carefully designed rooms while leaving the noise of the world behind. Two years ago our young team had been dreaming of this coming alive and we are working on it ever since to meet all expectations of all age-groups while offering well-suited challenges, great experience and an hour full of success. Time stops in the rooms designed by interior decorators while you and your team turn into jail runaways or deceived heirs of riches. Let’s see what are you gonna do, putting your creativity to test.

What is escape room?

In our well-equipped rooms you need to investigate and solve logical riddles according to a theme. The solution to these puzzles will lead you a step closer to finish a mission and eventually the escape. To get through the riddles you better think thoroughly,  work as team and last but not least enjoy yourselves!

To solve all the puzzles and decode together you got 60 minutes. A team is made up of 2-6 persons at once. No scary or mature content is present therefore is perfectly suitable for families including children. To ensure the escape, we recommend your teammates to be over 14 thought, however anyone who can read can be an active part of the escape nonetheless. All the games are available both in Hungarian and English

Escape rooms

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